Fr Kaiser

just browsing todays gazetti and saw this article of father kaiser on Daily Nation. Its sad that six years the government has not been able to solve his death. Just like Many Whistle blowers, Fr Kaiser was eliminated to silence him, i dont know why they have to go with the suicide theory, there is no way he could have killed himself, this is the same story line the government had on Ouko.

Kibaki's government should put more effort in trying to solve Kaiser's murder. Time may have passed but i do believe that his spirit as well as that of Robert Ouko do still haunt their murders, may they rest in peace


Kenyanomics said...
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Kenyanomics said...

Kibaki government will only solve Kaiser murder if it will serve them well in the upcoming general elections. The answer lies in the new constitution (the contract between mwananchi and the gvt). No new constitution and No answer to Kaiser, Ouko, Kariuki, Pinto and ethnic clashes murders.