Does Kenya need any political party?

Since the scrap of section 2(a) of the Kenyan constitution, i can say i have seen alot and so have sobber minded kenyans. To my belief and the rest of my countrymen if not the world, one joins a political party that best fits one interest as well as belief, its like religion, alot can be said about another religion but one never changes and if they do, chances are they will never convert back.

However, the scenario in Kenya at this time is different. The parliament has become business venture and one has to be associated with the best "product" (in this case party) to be able to make it. The whole MARKET (political atmosphere) is now based on liasons as well as mergers just months now to the next general elections.

I am politicaly confused, politicians whom we thought were against corruption and all dirty deals government officials were doing are the same one who are advocating for mergers and "democratic movements". Whats so sickening is that the same people who are there claiming government has failed and thus need for democratic movement are the same people who were there and forced us to believe that KANU was the best. This are the same people who ruined the economy by awarding themselves contracts to government and never accomplish what they contract to do...and if they do... u already know what i will write.

The whole idea of Kanu (original Kanu), New Kanu (Biwotts Kanu) and LDP (Kamothos Kanu) plus other former government supporters like Raila claiming to unite to form UDM - Kenya is nothing but a scam by this elite politicians. Just look at the lineup of those unions and tell me whats the difference now than 20 years ago.....maybe the only difference is Kibaki is missing on UDM list......he is on the other side with his other supporters.

Now comes the question....why do i have to belong to a political party and the avarage life time of one is turning to be 1 year? When shall we stop being pulled into this political routing where we follow a leader not the principles? What happened to Opposition fighting for the better of the country and being "people's watchman"?

The whole scenario is sickening, NARC-Kenya, UDM-Kenya, Whatever party will come up after the leaders of this party dont agree is at your expense kenyans, this people are on a business mission, check their bank statement and how much they are rolling to keep you fooled.


Why cant i fly the Flag

Is it in Kenya or other african countries are like that? Why cant i show my patriotsm by displaying the kenyan flag when driving down Uhuru highway? aint this one of the freedoms we should be enjoying? Why would a chief arrest me for raising my beloved country flag? What status does one get from riding in a car with a flag? Cant we all enjoy that?

The last couple of years have seen Kenyans start wearing the Kenyan Flag Gear this gives one pride of his/her country mostly for those living abroad.

As they talk of Minimum Constitution, can someone push this one in for me Freedom to fly Kenyan Flag and we shall know then that we are totaly free


Narc-Kenya another KANU?

Its amazing, interesting and heartbreaking to see what extent this politician will do to get back to the parliament and waste another 5years being paid to do nothing. Political parties in kenya have become like a sells when the market share goes down they change the brandname and sell it again to the public. the same people who are now leading Narc-Kenya are the same people who formed Democratic Part (DP) so that they could spoil for FORD that was so popular at the time...roumer has it that Daniel Moi actually planted Kibaki and John Keen to get the Kikuyu and mount Kenya region vote split..enough said of that....the same DP people decided not to follow Kenneth Matiba call that Kenyans boycot the 1997 elections unless we have constitutional reforms, 10 years later DP is in power that has not happened.....The same DP people were the last ones to join the Rainbow coalition so that we could get Moi out of power and when they got in as NARC, Kibaki made sure that his old friends at KANU got the best jobs......he calls it government of national unity thats why he has KANU elected MPs in his cabinet ...look closely at the people who have been apointed to government, they are all from old regime, his financial supporters and best friends.

Now comes Narc-Kenya, just like a product in the supermarket its being advertised as "better and improved" whith them getting exposure they needed in the just concluded elections they have taken another step further just like KANU....announcing Defectors, i guess their big catch would be Kamotho

Young MP's

With just concluded elections that were duped "mini-general elections" thats saw 2 young guys make it to the august house does that mean that Kenyans have finaly realised that we have been taken for a ride for too long by the older crew? Is it a sign that the majority of kenyans who are of age 18-42 finaly agreed to go out and vote or is everyone tired of the majority of MP's who claim to be influential and yet they have achieved nothing for their constituents.

Its amazing what most of this people have promised the country and amount of wealth they have accumulated for themselves in the last year. It is becoming realy hard to trust everyone in the current governement...sometimes i wonder whether its us (commong Mwananchi) that have higher expectation or is it that what ever we want government just cant achieve it.

Kibaki and the crew have realy let the whole nation down, i wish we can get all new leaders lets say from corporate world, college lecturers, local people on the ground who are aware of what is going on and put them on position to lead. It has come to a point that all the leaders we know today were there 20years ago....what does this mean? we are not developing.....the new ideas that they bring is all about division and everyone wanting to be the next president!!! if in 20years they have not brought any development, 20 years they have been accumulating wealth and enjoying luxurious life at expense of other kenyans, 20 years of being driven around...never taken public means to know how people exatly commute or live, 20 years of hanging uptown....never been past Tom Mboya St. towards grogon then we need to get them out.