Vision 2030 is a dream

I don’t know what to say about the vision 2030 that they are advocating right now, the Kenyan government has made me be the kind of person that believes in seeing. Not in a bad way but seems like every couple years they do come with poverty eradication programs that put us back instead of economically advancing us or should I say the people who are in the right place. Growing up there were so many projects that at that tender age, being a nyayo era kid, we were being told how the country will be so advanced come the year 2000, the government based their projects based on that year and beyond.


Some of the programs included

  1. Nyayo Projects ( the Taxi’s, The Bus, The Apartment deal, Tea Zones, etc)
  2. 8-4-4 system and Jua Kali Sector – The main idea was to make all kids productive and be like a stepping stone to being self reliant
  3. Nyayo Pioneer ---- I was at Nyayo Stadium to see the 1st Kenyan made car and am still waiting for the production
  4. 1997 Youth Harambeee……..Where did this money go? Plus there is more…..Women Devolopment Fund- anybody keeping track of this money???


With this in mind I just hope that vision 2030 is viable and not just another dream


Anonymous said...

Bw. KenyaOnly, Remember that the Kibaki Team has been successful in implemeting the "Economic ecovery trategy for Wealth and Employment Creation" - .

We have never had it this good andf am sure that Vision 2030 is something you would want to give a more optimistic look at.

KANU is no longer with us...let there mistakes not haunt us forever.

Anonymous said...

One thing I find feasible about Vision 2030 is that, its proposers are saying that it will know no government nor political affiliation.If in its structure it can transcend that,then,we Kenyans must support it wholeheartedly.This is because even as the Anglo-Leasing ghost continues to hound us,we are in dire need of a new beginning.Yet,Dec.2007 is so far away.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hey. Hey....Don't allow external issues to shape your internal thinking.
MOI did a lot of bad things. To all Kenyans. We can't all be cynical coz of that!
Dump your cynicism and allow yourself to think back into the day when Kenya still had a dream.
That's what Vision 2030 is, proof that despite all that, KEnyans can still strive for better.

Have a non-cynical day!

ATWOLI said...


david said...

Atwoli, i am even surprised not only you do not know your history but also spelling (its not kasasani its kasarani). if you are looking for more info on whether nyayo pioneer was launched at Nyayo or Kasarani, pleas read the following link it will help you acknowledge that NYAYO stadium was the place ...

Anonymous said...

The cars were launched at kasarani and not Nyayo stadium.I did attend attend the launch hence the finality of this statement.