Linking Of Moi to Bribery

Linking of Daniel Moi our former beloved President and his personal Aide that they did receive $2 million Dollars in exchange for the duty free shops is sickening. I know as Kenyans we don’t want to live in the past but if the past affects our future then we need to do something. If this is just one of the Instances that International Court ruled in favor of Kenya, I do believe there many other deals that we might not be aware of just because the deals went through. Its sad that we just sit there and wait for outsiders to come and rescue us from mistakes our own people have benefited from.


The funny thing about it is that Kenyans know of what is happening and yet we don’t act…..I know why we don’t act, Fear of persecution……but for how long shall we be undermined? For how long shall we live in fear that if you say something about the government chances are you will disappear and never to be seen again? Lets keep them Dosier’s coming, the only problem is that even the Prosecutors and most government people, present and past are so deep tied into this corrupt deals one way or the other it seems to be the order of the day when one gets a position

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