Njonjo has no place in Kenyan politics

It is sad to see Sir Charles Njonjo coming back to politics as a mediator while in the real sense its all about a grudge he has with Mr Kibaki. I respect him as an old man and the much I have read in HISTORY of Kenyan politics seems like he was important THEN. But this is a new generation, if he wants to give advice please do it behind closed doors we don’t want to be taken back to “change the constitution” era, I might be wrong but I believe that Sir Charles did play a big role in messing up the country then when he was Powerful. Days and years have passed and so have his political days, I don’t know whether there is anyone out there under 40 years who will listen to him, he has nothing to offer Kenyans if he has then he should have done that then.


Sir Charles, you might be as wealthy as it can ever be, but just enjoy your retirement, watch politics from the sides and wish the country the best don’t take any role because when you had a chance you messed up. As Kenyans we need to move forward, lets get new blood in politics, the more we keep getting Old Guards in politics the more we are not developing. There is so much in the world that we need to catch up and if we keep bringing 60+ old people into politics then we will always be kinda tribal and relying on old skills and techniques to manage the economy. I also believe that the old guards to some extent promote tribalism and are the most corrupt people.


mwangi said...

To see Raila, grinning from ear to year, looking star struck (remember Obama) ... just 2 be in the same pic as njonjo one might think he'd achieved a major political conquest. He must be nuts if he thinks njonjo will aid in any way

Ifukho yeImbuko said...

It was said ayore,"...you have eyes but you don't see,ears but you don't here." You did here from one John a.k.a Githongo,that the father of Jimmy was being told about strange goings-on in Government but he didn't want to listen.That a group from very near his village was messing up.It later transpired that there were actually two groups,one affiliated to the Mama Winnie and the other ofcourse affiliated to Mama Judy.This were involved in a vicious cycle of power,raw greed,betrayal and crafting of get-rich-quick schemes as invented by the son of Pattni. The Memoranda that assured him temporary reprive from his tribulations at Muthaiga as a tenant at Ikulu could take a backsit.Now the son of Adonija is very well versed in this things.Knowing the magic wand that brought good tidings for the Emilio kin,it is perfectly right to use "wembe ule ule kumnyoa kanga."The Duke from Kabeteshire has the Moi and Kenyatta era under his belt(on the legal side).The Son of Adonija has Opposition and Government stuff under wraps.Do you imagine that at this late hour,another "Muiguithania" will be annointed?