Karua has given us the names what next?

At times I want to believe the government is trying to fight corruption, as much as it does this days naming the people it believes have been involved in some scrupulous deals but what amazes me the same people that have been mentioned are the same people we hear on radio, see on TV and read on print media the way they are anti corruption. Since we already know or rather the Government has an idea on who was behind the Anglo-leasing scandal, why don’t they take action? Is the Ksh 2.5m (equivalent $35,000) per month too little of a salary to pay Kenya Anti Corruption Commission chairman so that he can prosecute? If the government official in this case justice minister knew all along of the names of people who have been involved in this scandal alone then why has she kept quiet all this time?


This makes the case more complicated because of the names that she omitted that makes me wonder if the names Githongo gave last time and the ones she has mentioned are doctored, are they for political gain? Is this the way the government is going to fight ODM-Kenya? But still so, is a person like William Ole Ntimama been one of the presidents men earlier in his term? Did the president know what kind of people he was dealing with when he appointed them to cabinet? That’s why I keep on advocating that we DON’T VOTE FOT ANYBODY OVER 45 YEARS, this is serious now, more than ever and if we don’t do anything now when it comes time for us to lead we might be dealing with bankrupt government. With general elections being around the corner its high time we did something…..we need to run everyone running for elections their background and if someone has been in some kind of corrupt deal then we will not vote of the person….this is the time we stopped voting for a party since they are not living to the fulfillment of their manifesto, so why vote for the party? will try to seek more information on all young people under age of 45 that will be running for elections and will help do electronic mobilization and we believe 2007 is the year for young people, lets get the word out….email us if you ill be running for elections at  

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