Narc-Kenya another KANU?

Its amazing, interesting and heartbreaking to see what extent this politician will do to get back to the parliament and waste another 5years being paid to do nothing. Political parties in kenya have become like a product...it sells when the market share goes down they change the brandname and sell it again to the public. the same people who are now leading Narc-Kenya are the same people who formed Democratic Part (DP) so that they could spoil for FORD that was so popular at the time...roumer has it that Daniel Moi actually planted Kibaki and John Keen to get the Kikuyu and mount Kenya region vote split..enough said of that....the same DP people decided not to follow Kenneth Matiba call that Kenyans boycot the 1997 elections unless we have constitutional reforms, 10 years later DP is in power that has not happened.....The same DP people were the last ones to join the Rainbow coalition so that we could get Moi out of power and when they got in as NARC, Kibaki made sure that his old friends at KANU got the best jobs......he calls it government of national unity thats why he has KANU elected MPs in his cabinet ...look closely at the people who have been apointed to government, they are all from old regime, his financial supporters and best friends.

Now comes Narc-Kenya, just like a product in the supermarket its being advertised as "better and improved" whith them getting exposure they needed in the just concluded elections they have taken another step further just like KANU....announcing Defectors, i guess their big catch would be Kamotho

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Anonymous said...

Its hard to tell whether this is Kanu-B from the way they are running the show maybe Biwott will be the running vicepresident, its so unpredictable, if that happens that will be another 1990's problem