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I don’t want to hate on someone’s luck but, being a Kenyan MP seems to be the in thing, Standard Newspaper gives the number of days that an active MP goes to parliament in a 12 month period is 90days. I know for sure some MP’s have not even made 60days in parliament yet they are the ones that keep complaining of the government not being competent, last time I checked (MPs correct if am wrong) you are the ones who compose the government, that’s why they call you lawmaker.


Just to understand this and again am not hating, there are so many people out there who don’t even get the three weeks off to be with their family, every day they are on the grind and they still don’t make as much and neither do they have the powers to ‘award’ themselves with the substantial paycheck.


Just as by the way what about the MP’s get a clocking card, would love to see them swipe in and out, so that they can get paid for the time they do….and then the weekends that they have to meet the constituents come up with a plan that will be approved and followed up on, I can assure you some MPs make technical appearances in their constituency so that they can keep the name that they are still around.


But am not hating it sounds like a really nice job!

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