Kimunya should have tabled the names

There goes the government that is claiming to be fighting corruption not tabling the names of would be fraudsters. What happened with transparency and if that’s the case he is afraid that tabling the names in parliament will hinder investigations why did he bring up the matter in the first place? He should have done what the government is known to do anyway answer Mr Ojode that he will give a ministerial report in a months time. I do feel that the government will try to hide some of the names from the list….he should have given the list anyway since we the judicial system presumes one is innocent until proven guilty. Also by not giving names he is helping those to be fraud masters pay to get their names of the list. I believe there are more than 40 names on that list. Mr. Kimunya as a minister of the government appointed by the president who was elected by the people should have gone ahead and do the necessary without anyfear of persecution or fear that investigation will not be completed, my worry is what other investigation is there if this people have already presented invoices to be paid for work that they have not yet done?


Maybe they should consult Mr. D.T Moi and see whether he can organize a commission of inquiry to oversee the tenders were paid for job done.

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