Does Kenya need any political party?

Since the scrap of section 2(a) of the Kenyan constitution, i can say i have seen alot and so have sobber minded kenyans. To my belief and the rest of my countrymen if not the world, one joins a political party that best fits one interest as well as belief, its like religion, alot can be said about another religion but one never changes and if they do, chances are they will never convert back.

However, the scenario in Kenya at this time is different. The parliament has become business venture and one has to be associated with the best "product" (in this case party) to be able to make it. The whole MARKET (political atmosphere) is now based on liasons as well as mergers just months now to the next general elections.

I am politicaly confused, politicians whom we thought were against corruption and all dirty deals government officials were doing are the same one who are advocating for mergers and "democratic movements". Whats so sickening is that the same people who are there claiming government has failed and thus need for democratic movement are the same people who were there and forced us to believe that KANU was the best. This are the same people who ruined the economy by awarding themselves contracts to government and never accomplish what they contract to do...and if they do... u already know what i will write.

The whole idea of Kanu (original Kanu), New Kanu (Biwotts Kanu) and LDP (Kamothos Kanu) plus other former government supporters like Raila claiming to unite to form UDM - Kenya is nothing but a scam by this elite politicians. Just look at the lineup of those unions and tell me whats the difference now than 20 years ago.....maybe the only difference is Kibaki is missing on UDM list......he is on the other side with his other supporters.

Now comes the question....why do i have to belong to a political party and the avarage life time of one is turning to be 1 year? When shall we stop being pulled into this political routing where we follow a leader not the principles? What happened to Opposition fighting for the better of the country and being "people's watchman"?

The whole scenario is sickening, NARC-Kenya, UDM-Kenya, Whatever party will come up after the leaders of this party dont agree is at your expense kenyans, this people are on a business mission, check their bank statement and how much they are rolling to keep you fooled.

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