Entry of Religious Political Party

I don’t know how to handle this but it is kind of serious, this could be a good thing for Kenya or a divider. Back in the day when Khalid Balala wanted to register Islamic Party of Kenya (IPK) he was faced with opposition for we saw this as one way of trying to bring religion into politics something Kenyans had never thought of before. But now times have changed and Christians in Kenya want to partake in this new venture of politics with their own parties. So far I know of 4 parties Republican Alliance of Kenya, the Agano Party, the Wazalendo Party and the Neno Party.


It is good for us to have religious leaders leading the country in the right direction but I do see a problem where the church and state will never  be separated. There should be that border line where you as a citizen know what the church can do for you and what government role is. I do admire what church has done for Kenyan politics and the support they have given their followers when we were going through the dark era and it should remain so. Rev. Njoya of PCEA was the first person to ever pray for change in Kenyan politics when no one dared discuss of political parties in Kenyan and what he prayed for that January 1st 1990 has eventually been fulfilled. That’s why the church should not engage in elective politics but politics that will unite the country. If we let this to happen we will see every other preacherman that has excelled out in the streets coming up with political party maybe you will see parties like Former Uhuru Park Evangelical (FUPE) party of Kenya, etc


The Church should remain what it has always been for Kenyans, a place where we run for solace.


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