Young MP's

With just concluded elections that were duped "mini-general elections" thats saw 2 young guys make it to the august house does that mean that Kenyans have finaly realised that we have been taken for a ride for too long by the older crew? Is it a sign that the majority of kenyans who are of age 18-42 finaly agreed to go out and vote or is everyone tired of the majority of MP's who claim to be influential and yet they have achieved nothing for their constituents.

Its amazing what most of this people have promised the country and amount of wealth they have accumulated for themselves in the last year. It is becoming realy hard to trust everyone in the current governement...sometimes i wonder whether its us (commong Mwananchi) that have higher expectation or is it that what ever we want government just cant achieve it.

Kibaki and the crew have realy let the whole nation down, i wish we can get all new leaders lets say from corporate world, college lecturers, local people on the ground who are aware of what is going on and put them on position to lead. It has come to a point that all the leaders we know today were there 20years ago....what does this mean? we are not developing.....the new ideas that they bring is all about division and everyone wanting to be the next president!!! if in 20years they have not brought any development, 20 years they have been accumulating wealth and enjoying luxurious life at expense of other kenyans, 20 years of being driven around...never taken public means to know how people exatly commute or live, 20 years of hanging uptown....never been past Tom Mboya St. towards grogon then we need to get them out.

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