Uhuru's Flip Floping

Project Uhuru has let its creator down again! After what Moi did to Uhuru Kenyatta putting him on the lime light the Kijana has decided he is a Mzee and will make his own decision. I admired the Young Uhuru, even though i felt at the time he was not ready for presidency since chances are he would have been a puppet for the older and experienced politicians, he had a chance of making it but he has proved to be just like othe Kenyan politician switching parties and joining alliances so that they can secure themselves a seat in parliament. Didnt Uhuru learn anything during the last elections that most of those people who switched loyalty are no where now? Havent his friend Musalia Mudavadi advised him on that yet.....Musalia once a promising politician now no one even remembers he was a vice president.

No wonder a project that is not finished by its creator is hard to be completed by second party, because surely what Uhuru is doing is not right ODM already has its bigwigs and by him joining them is a sign that he can not be able to stand on his own, he has let pressure win him. Uhuru, you were one of the leaders we could call young and relate to but......u just acted like old guards, you might be loosing the confidence of young kenyans, am afraid. Talk to the project manager (Daniel Moi) and see if he can get you out of the mess you have put yourself into.

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