NARC Government has done nothing for the youth.

When the youth sang and danced “Yote ya wezekana bila Moi”, they had different perspective of how the new government will be like. Personally being under 30 years of age I expected to see more people of my age or older lets say till age of 45 being promoted to the government and them learning from the older folks for a better tomorrow. It was our sincere hope that the NARC Government under Kibaki’s banner will not only offer youth positions in the government but also come up with a plan to see that they are included in the development of the country.


Am sorry to say but seems the Government has forgotten about the youth, it has forgotten all the struggles we went through with Daniel Moi’s Government and that included and not limited to being jailed, tortured, tear gas chases in the city and surrounding and unlucky ones lost their lives so that we can get the old guards out. We celebrated that we were among the people who brought change to the government and the country as a whole but after the elections its seems like they just forgot about us.


Now the Government is composed of Elite friends, most of them senior citizens or if not just about to. Most of the people in the government are the same ones who were there in the 80’s and 90’s. Even the ones we suspected to be corrupt are being taken back to this government, they are being appointed as ministers. I am not bashing Kibaki and have utmost respect for the Mzee but what about us, you might not know us but we have young ones like us. If we wait till “tomorrow” for our turn and you know so well that during Moi’s time it took 26 years for tomorrow to come when shall we have leaders who are young and energetic to run the country. Maybe this is a trend that has been set and all we have is to follow wait till you are 50 some years to get a leadership position.


On the other hand we have ODM-Kenya, seems to be run by younger crew compared to the Kibaki’s government but at the same time most of the people in ODM K are the same ones that were under Moi, in short ODM is Kanu, Where do we run to now? Or shall we sing “Yote Ya Wezekana “ for the next 20 years before we get a chance?


Girl next door said...

The Madaraka Party of Kenya got registered recently after numerous attempts and discouragement from the govt. They seem to be the only party with a focus on youth.

Anonymous said...

unless you are a lazy youth this government has done alot the economy is growing at 5.8% with projected growth of 7% next year. all sectors of the economy are growing tourism and agriculture creating over 400,000 jobs mostly for people under 30. free education and cheaper higher educational opprtunities so unless you want the government to go to work for you ,pay your bills and give you pocket money i really dont know what you are on about

Anonymous said...

I disagree with anonymous, you might be one of the old people that have benefited by being appointed to the government, even though the economy is growing young people are not being "awarded" with the positions you old people have, thanks kenyaonly aka son of Mathai for bringing this issue up, it is important that we have a government that will care for the youth too whats the need of appointing people like Nyachae, Karume, etc to the government i think they would perform better as advisors to the youth ministers. how can we get into madaraka party of kenya?