Will ODM-Kenya Survive?

I seriously do hate these collaborations our leaders have tried to introduce to our system. To me this is just another way of the getting back to parliament since they already know that Kenyans vote as a block when it comes to party. However here comes the time that I really wonder if Raila and Kalonzo will work as a team once they decide who will be the torch bearer for the party. To me most of the leaders that have Joined ODM-Kenya are looking for ways to get back to parliament lets wait for party nominations and we will see who the die hard ODM-Kenya followers are.


Its great that ODM-K is trying to emulate ANC – South African and Labour Party – UK but to me these two parties do have a common agenda and seem to know what is going on. I cant write much on them but I do believe their leaders have remained solid even when they have lost party nominations. Our dear Kenyan leaders usually will swing two or maybe three parties so that they can be on the ballot paper…talk about being selfish.


But, If ODM-K will bring the long needed change of one political party that stands by what its advocating then more power to you leaders.



Ifukho yeImbuko said...

Ndugu,you must be steadfast and not waiver in the belief that in the same way,"Azania shall be Free",Kenya must surely be Free.ODM-Kenya is a continuation of a people's dream,born out of the enlightenment that saw the Soviet Union exit from the face of this earth.Repression of people's basic freedoms and human rights had to be defeated in a similar fashion.That the majority of Kenyans lack basics like food,water,electricity and medicine in hospitals as the architects of Anglo-Leasing wallow in absolute riches,as the Artur brothers abuse our hospitality and kindness right to our faces,courtesy of the government we so excitedly voted in to bring change(remember the Uhuru Park crowds in 2002?).Even though the perpetrators of the rot would want to break our spirits like they did with Ken Matiba,Charles Rubia et al,the people always have new voices ready.The tragedy is the people don't sieve hard enough,their true leaders.However,I hypothesize that 1992 was the first sieve and then 1997,2002. We must make 2007 the finest sieve!

Anonymous said...

Bwana Ifukho, i truly admire your dream of the way it should be in 2007 but the politicians have failed us, dont you think its time we voted for individuals rather than the party/movement they are associated with?

kevin said...

My dear brothers and sisters, am sorry to say but Kenyan politics has not matured yet. They say that The leaders reflect the society they lead this is true of kenya. our political parties are founded not on principle but on personality and that is what we are "tribe first". If trully kenya's politics is to change then we need to change our attitudes.
ODM is ther to kill tribalism, i say so becouse during referendum majority of kikuyus voted yes claiming that the constitution was good for kenya becouse they have their own at the top.

Anonymous said...

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