Waruinge VS Raila

We all know Raila and his capabilities and what he has done for the Langata Constituency since 1992, however here comes another one bwana Waruinge who is feared for his Mungiki organization. Seems like he has an agenda for youth empowerment but my question is what kind of empowerment are we looking at here? This guy has made most people have that fear of unknown whenever you mention that his group will be assembling in a specific area, I remember when they started back in mid 90’s and they would hang out at the Nagara round about but that was then, times have changed….Will he use the kind of force he used to gain matatu routes to his command or he is going to be diplomatic? On the other hand we know Raila, apart from Mwenje in Embakasi I believe he also has an army of young men who would live and die for him. It is my sincere hope no matter the situation that may arise they don’t bring a showdown of physical mighty to Langata people, especially Kibera where I believe both parties will have significant support

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