Returning Grabbed land

Its good to see some people returning title deeds for land acquired illegally and more should be encouraged to do so. At the same time I do disagree with Mr Kibwana regarding not disclosing the names of people nor the land that they are returning title for. Since what was acquired was public land I do feel we should be made aware who returned what and of what size, this will not help us know who took what but at the same time cover bases just incase they are holding more lucrative peace of land that they don’t want to let go. Also I do disagree with the way government is ready to cut deals with land grabbers, this is just like making a deal with a thief who has stolen from you on what he should or should not keep.


Also since we already know what has been grabbed why don’t government repossess the land if that’s seems to hard to do then the land should be taxed higher.

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