Government Vs ODM-Kenya

Surely when will kenya have democracy? I am ashamed of the way the present govenment is handling ODM-Kenya issue, just to make it clear am not a supporter of ODM-Kenya neither do agree on one merging to form a union so as to make it back to parliament. I dont see why government should delay the registration of the party considering the government its self was once in the opposition. It is also a shame for the Vice President "Uncle" Moody to go telling the public that ODM-Kenya will not be registered. I do believe he oversteped his duties and should have let Registrar General address the nation and give reasons of why the movement cum turned party cannot be registered.

My other fear of governement failing to issue registration certificate to the party is the civil unrest that will hit major towns particularly Nairobi and Kisumu. If Narc-Kenya was registered in a day as the ODM-Kenya Officials claim, then why not register Kalonzo and the crew? Is the govenment scared that they might loose voters come elections next year? Mr Kibaki, are you taking us back where we came from (nyayo era)? Are you continuing doing what Moi tought you?

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