Obama was right about Corruption

I am shocked that the Kenyan Ambassador to the US Bwana Peter Oginga Ogego went ahead and wrote a letter to the Illinois Senator telling him that he was wrong for talking about corruption in Kenya. Bw Ogego should understand that Obama spoke out of his own experience during this visit and prior visit to Kenya. I wonder who Mr Ogego was refering to in his letter which he said and i quote "I hereby wish to communicate to you the displeasure and disappointment of the Government of Kenya, (Kenyan) Embassy in Washington DC, and majority of Kenyans, with regards to your recent utterances while in Kenya"(Standard Newspaper)

First of all :-

  1. Who are the majority of kenyans he is talking about? last time we checked on this we were all glad that he touched the sensitive subject and he said it infront of the right people.
  2. Disapointed? Mr Ogego, trully were you disapointed or this is what your employer has deemed fit for you to say, deep down do you think Senator was wrong? for telling it like it is? Wacha Mchezo
  3. Senator Obama is well loved here in the US as well as Kenya you calling his speech as a way of seeking "cheap publicity" i find that as offensive and YOU need to appologise...Yawa does anyone know you anyway Mr Ogego.... or you are trying to get a name for your self and ride high with Obama's name?
  4. So you thought Obama was being "NAIVE" about the way government has been fighting deeply rooted corruption....lets stop there and look at the Government.....first there was the Road Project....what happenened mheshimiwa? then came the Anglo leasing.... I know you will say the goverment is aware and working on we have the Armenian Case what will you say....and still you claim Obama is Naive?? Wake up boy, its time you came back to your senses and see the bright side Obama is trying to make kenya be
Am not bitter at you Mr Ogego, but next time you put a statement out there saying that "majority of kenyans" did not appreciate do an oppinion poll. But if the Majority of Kenyans are people like you who are connected to the government then i do see your position and sympathise with you

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