Raila and the Hummer

Raila's Hummer(Like Nothing Else) seems to have brought him what he wanted most...some airtime.... and he has surely gotten that. With the steadmand group opinion polls placing him above Kalonzo, he surely does feel like the battle has been won.

Knowing Raila, he will use the publicity he is getting now to really push Kalonzo out of the way. Seems like he (Raila) has mastered a way that he is always "fresh" when it comes to news and there is no single day that passes without him being on the paper, to me he is more of what Daniel Moi did to the country, always making sure we keep informed of his whereabouts or is it that the media like him more?

But that does not mean thats its end of Kalonzo, since the opinion polls have placed him as the man to beat Kibaki. Since both of them are power hungry lets wait and see what will turn out, Raila has been chasing the presidency for some time now and I do not see him coming close to letting Kalonzo get the nominations easily.

Sometimes i do wonder if Kalonzo should have remained in the Government. Maybe he would have had a better chance of being a VP and eventually going for the big office for if he misses the nominations this time around that would be end of him chasing for accommodation at statehouse


Klara said...

Offcourse no polititician Shuns puplicity! They all Love it it's juzz that Raila's good at it
N u so right that hummer juzz made things worse!
Ati know he's even more popular than Kalonzo?? LOL
Kalonzo still remains my favourite though!

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Diana said...

Arriving for the opening of parliament on Tuesday, Raila Odinga emerged from a sparkling new-looking Hummer SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) luxury vehicle and caused quite a stir even as observers asked themselves many questions about the ODM founder and this rare luxury car.
I like Raila's manner of introducing himself, and the Hummer makes him more VIP. I wish he owned a white Hummer limo, but his H3 looks not so bad.
If Raila is being seen in such cars now, what can we expect of his presidential motorcade?

limo hire said...

I thought Hummer can not be political. Some times i doubt if I'm correct:)
A Hummer limo and Raila Odinga I didn't think about this.

Kenyan forum said...

Hummer? Nice piece of coffin on wheels

steward said...

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