ODM Kenya true colors

Are you wondering like me whether ODM-Kenya politicians are sincere or just want to take Kenyans for a ride? Are you among the most of us who want "MAISHA BORA"?

Well, so much has been said about ODM-Kenya and seems like even the strongest supporters of the party now realize that ODM-Kenya is just another vehicle that is being used by some of the most corrupt leaders to swing them to power.

Well ODM-K has already started promising "positions" for its financiers and supporters. I just wonder what positions are available for grab. According to African Press Norway (APN), Gilbert Deya has confirmed that he will be appointed High Commissioner in London!!!

Dont give up yet, the presidential hopeful are leaning more towards a federal government, a government that will have a president, prime minister and two deputy vice presidents just does not make sense since if asked, the government should try to streamline on the cabinet and adding three or four more senior posts is not only straining to a developing economy but also grounds of civil calamity assuming the three leaders do not get a long. Thats why ODM-Kenya is being labeled "Power Hungry"

Also ODM-Kenya seems to have the most "influential" corrupt individuals that the country has ever witnessed, maybe the best in the world.....they have looted us and still come back with a straight face asking for our votes..... Most of them are the same people who were in Original Kanu and never wanted anything to do with multi party politics. People of the William Ruto kind should not even be allowed to address the crowd, i just wonder what people see in them.
The same group has people who have been adversely mentioned in corruption, election fraud, tribal clashes, etc. the list is just too long. What worries me most is the fact that some leaders refused to go to London because one of their own aka Mr. Ruto, was denied visa to Britain thus they acted in solidarity. Considering Mr. Ruto was denied visa (if thats true) because of his name being involved in so many corruption deals, then what the are telling us is that they condone corruption.

So Whats ODM- K all about? Making sure that few people and their friends get senior government employment?


akinyi said...

its the kenyan way.. hata mimi I was promised a job. *scoff

G.G said...

Akinyi.hata wewe are you corrupt!!!

uncle joe said...

Mke Nyumbani :Todays recipes tomorrows disasters

2 blood stained ole ntimama pangas
1 thieving ruto hand(1992 vintage)
87kgs.of a power hungry raila
1 Nyanza province size grabbed land from uhuru
2oz of mutula’s brain(that defended kanu for more than 15 years)
1/4 pound kalonzos diplomatic dawa
5 drops of tribal hatred at every press confrence
3 ounces of wit and headline grabbing antics
2 scoops of daily standard propaganda
1 doze of slanted ktn reporting
4 demonstrations &
3 secret trips to britain to seek instructions and award future government contracts


Add all the ingridents into a Bowl of Political Rallies.
Stir carefully and ask no deep questions. and bake for 3 years

4 foreign diplomats to give it a scent of legitimacy 10 african diplomats to give it continuental credit ,sprinkled with some remaining ktn slanted reporting ,glazed with an extra schoop of standard propaganda .


(in small print)
Consume quickly dont ask important question Now.
Ask when we are in power fighting over the next MOU.
Political ideologies and public policies not required .
Development cannot be garanteed.

Kenyanomics said...

I agree with KenyaPekee, the free-stuff campaign rhetoric is a one bumpy safetybeltless ride. They keep bragging on how the national cake will be shared, but non of them is saying from which shamba mahindi will come from or which kisiagi will process unga. They just want to be wapishis.

Even Kibaki does not know from where billions for new constituencies will come from. More MPs mean 2 more Billions for CDF, and another Billion for MPs' salaries.

G.G said...

@uncle Joe.......The coating of that cake looks great, but the ingredients are disaster. We need to look at the bigger picture, I wonder how MAISHA BORA will be with all those people put together. If they can not get along now....when they are powerless what will happen when one of them is the president and the other one is the prime minister
@kenyanomics, we are always tied to free stuff when it comes to elections and thats where we go wrong, we seem to vote for promises rather that ideas that are reasonable and can be implemented.

\\for you Kenyaonly, if its true that ODM has already started dishing out prospective embassies to criminals then we are better with the thief we know.