Amos Wako and Corruption

How comes Mr. Wako dismisses all corruption cases that are either high profiled or those accused are presidents men? For the last 15 years or so, none of the high profiled politicians have been successfully been charged in the court of law without Amos Wako interfering.

How can we fight corruption when the AG is stopping such legal proceeding from going on. It just makes no sense for Kenya Anti Corruption Commission to go on with their work if their investigations can not be used against some of the powerful people.

Its no surprise that Wako has been retained by two presidents for his knowledge on covering up corruption cases. They are so many that one wonders why Wako has always got to interfere with high profile cases.

Again, this election year lets do the right thing, get new leaders in and away with the old and those who have overstayed in the offices.

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Klara said...

I love this post! It's time we did away with people like wakina Wako!!