Esther Wahome for Kasarani

Is this Good News or what!!! Good news are flowing from Kenya. What we have been campaigning for is fresh blood and young people to come up and vie for these seats. Kasarani Constituency, which is home to many has finally added one precious person to its list of contenders.

Esther Wahome of Kuna Dawa fame is making it happen and she has taken the next step and will be a contender for the forth coming elections. This is good news to all young people not because of her celebrity status but its time we got young people to power and definitely take our country to another level.

From my understanding and reviews that i have read on line, Esther Wahome is a Go Getter and will be able to run her campaign if given a chance. Maybe this is the ministry she needs to be in, Kasarani is diverse and have some poor areas of Mathare that seem to have been forgotten. Also, the living conditions of some areas are as pathetic as it can ever be and seems like every other MP that has come in always gets in parliament and they do not participate in developments again. Its my sincere hope that she will be able to deliver for the people of Kasarani........More power to you Girl, go get it.......we the young people are with you.

In the same constituency there is a 25 year old lady,
Wambui Mathai, she is a graduate of USIU and Will be vying for a Civic Seat. She is energized and believes that this is the year of change.

"Wamboh" as she is popularly known seem to understand the campaign on the ground having been one of the advisor's for the late Katama Mkangi.

Also she has been actively involved to see that the youths get to vote this coming elections.

Its a challenge for this two young ladies to be in the playing field of the big and mighty but this is the year of change. They will do it....... Hope all you Kasarani people out there take this opportunity seriously, lets get the ladies......

Its Girl Power in Kasarani, Its our hope that they will make it through and bring the much waited change in the constituency. This blog will continue supporting all young people running for the forth coming elections. If you are you can email me at


G.G said...

Dawa imepatikana Kasarani. All the best to her and Wamboh too. Kenya needs such brave ladies.

Anonymous said...

Thats good news woishe...tu dame tuwili all the best girls i wish i was in kenya would have switched to kasarani

Kenyanomics said...

I take pride that these ladies are not clinging on the so-called affirmative action. They are fighting it out. Go Ladies!!!!!!

david said...

go ladies..... u can do it

taha said...

Kasarani imebarikiwa with these two ladies with amazing potential.Go for it ladies and make Kasa a better place.

Farmgal said...

First time am seeing this...go girls!

@g.g lol at dawa imepatikana kasarani..that would be brilliant for her campaign

Anonymous said...

Wao!! This is the greatest thing i've heard so far in the polital arena!! 100% behind you ladies. You are well able. We'll support you.


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