Time for Old Politician to Retire

Why do some people retire from civil service or private sector to join politics? Is it because they have acquired wealth and feel like they can take a chance on politics, is it for social status or a calling?

Well, thats hard to tell but one thing that is for sure is that some of these politicians need to be at home enjoying their retirement and days of hard work. Some of these politicians have been in politics for over 30 years and they have nothing to offer to the country, their ideas and goals do not seem to match that of current world. They might have adviser's but if your adviser is as old as you are what new information are you bringing to the table.

Just like in civil service and private sector, these politicians should retire humbly like what Nyachae has proposed to do at the end of the 9th Parliament term, retire and enjoy time with their grand kids. What happened to the days the elders taught the young one's how to "run the show"? Are our politicians that power hungry or money thirsty? Well, if its money thirsty, how much is enough? People like Biwott and Karume have acquired unmentionable amount of money in the last 30 years and yet they are still fighting to get back to parliament. Well they need to retire: Some of them include:-

  1. Njenga Karume
  2. Nick Biwott
  3. G. G. Kariuki - 1937
  4. John Michuki - 1931
  5. Tobias Ogur - 1937
  6. William Ole Ntimama - 1930
  7. Abdi Sasura - 1928
  8. David Mwiraria - 1938
ETC....ETC....ETC, were it not for development record that Kibaki has had for the last 5 years, he would have been on the list, Am also wondering if people like Saitoti, Raila, etc should retire after 10th parliament term is over


Sue said...

The list is very long, including the incumbent and those surrounding him. They should all retire and pave way for younger politicians.

We are in the modern world a world that is developing and not one that is controlled by the elderly like in the African set up.

This is why very little has changed in Kenya since independence.

Kenyan Presidents should serve for one term only, if one tribe has served they should pave way for another tribe to make all tribes equal (I don’t know if this is in Bomas draft).

kip said...

this to me is Great news.. one more reason why kibaki is done and out.!

Narc-Kenya secretary-general Dr Mukhisa Kituyi has dumped the party and instead moved to his Cabinet colleague Soita Shitanda’s New Ford-Kenya:

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