Kibaki and PNU ( Party of National Unity)

Finaly, Kibaki has decamped the party that brought him to power to join Party of National Unity (PNU). With him being the only presidential candidate, it is unclear whether PNU will sponsor any parliamentary or civic seats in forthcoming elections. Basing on information being gathered now, seems like Kibaki might be the only elected leader in the party for others have to fight for their own to get elected to parliament.

To some extent, this is beneficial to many first time politicians for now they can join a party of their own choice and campaign hard without the fear of the electorate voting on a three piece suit.

Even though managing multiple parties will be difficult thanks to the experience from ODM-K (that one of Raila and Kalonzo) and NARC ( when all of them were RAINBOW COALITION), at least the voters will have a better view of the individuals rather than political parties that have for the longest harbored thugs and corrupt officials and have given them a guarantee back to parliament.

I believe that most politicians especially those who were pushing for NARC-Kenya will have a hard time trying to convince the voters that Kibaki is with them, for central, Eastern and Rift Valley Provinces, Kibaki's decision to join a non-partisan party will boost unknown politicians to the limelight for all they have to do is campaign for themselves and in doing so, push for Kibaki Votes.

In real sense, Kibaki will be getting more campaign done by the civic and parliamentary candidates, he might not have to campaign as hard in some regions due to the overwhelming support he is already receiving. Money Wise, best placed, since will have like 16 candidates in almost every constituency campaigning for him, what else could you ask for if you were Kibaki?


Fedha said...

This two horse race between Raila and Kibaki willleave the entire country polarized along tribal lines.

Kibz is looking particularly strong on the grassroots level and Raila has not helped his stature by annointing tainted goldenboy Mudavadi as VP designate and William 'ngong forest' Ruto as PM.

Tinga, how much more effective than Kibz will you be at tackling graft when your team is also full of rotten apples?

CNN Africa said...

President Mwai Kibaki today invited David Karuri, the new 30-year old PNU youth director who has raised Ksh38,000,000 for PNU from well known Kenyan CEO's from central province. David Karuri is the son of a very wealthy Kenyan executive with high profile political friends

Nairobi Star said...

David Karuri is a very close friend of the Kibaki family and is also very close the Uhuru Kenyatta. David Karuri is seen as many as a key player in the 2012 elections.

MSNBC said...

David Karuri has said PNU will be ready to battle ODM in 2012.

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