Mungiki Terror

I have one question! How comes politicians from central province are not condemning Mungiki? Even worse even after the police raided Kosovo slums in the last two days not even the area Member of Parliament has gone out there to console the residents who have been left shaken. The whole Mungiki thing is a nuisance and has made many families lack that basic need (security) that we all need. Its even made worse by the fact that some people are suffering because of these people living in their neighborhood. look at the pictures in standard newspaper and see for your self

The member of parliaments from Nairobi and Central Province should tell us now what their stand is. According to Standard Newspaper, Kigumo MP, Hon Kihara Mwangi, has already been threatened by Mungiki Members because of him being outspoken about their deeds. All MP's should now take heed and support the citizens who can not even go out publicly speaking about Mungiki in any form for fear of being executed.

When Mungiki hit the streets terrorizing women for wearing mini skirts and trousers no one took much interest on them, then they went to control the matatu and bus terminals still no one said much about them, are we going to keep quiet now and wait for them to control us?


Majonzi said...

Maybe they are afraid for their lives? Lakini the govt. waited for far too long before doing anything about it!! really long!

And now they can't handle them. Apparently folks have hepad Mathare. Where are they now?

Kenyanomics said...

People are scared. It explains why Mungiki posts are getting anonymous comments.

steve said...

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